Gibson Girl M 357a History
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During the Second World war , the British and American bombers were equipped with survival equipment to contribute to the recovery of the men fallen at sea.

A kite was a survival equipment distributed to the American aviators before their missions.

Referred with the number M357 a by the American army, it is more popularly called “Gibson Girl”.

The instructions noticed on the radio and on the kite were very clear.

According to the conditions weather, the operator used either the balloon or the kite, which had as a function to support the antenna of the radio of distress.

Several crews of bombers could be thus recovered and saved.

In 1944, the bombers of the Royal Air Force and Fleet Air Army had this equipment, with Gibson Girl on board.

Manufactured by the company of aeronautics Bendix Limited Aviation in Hollywood, the whole of parcelling was of an excellent manufacture.
Kit 1/6eme made by Carnet de Vol