Target Kite Mk.1,2 Story
Manual of instruction
Paul Garber
Video : gunners's training
U. S. Navy Target Kites are designed to serve as maneuverable aerial targets for gunnery training, from ground or ship. Paul Garber, the designer, begins with a Eddy kite, which he equips with a double reel (two lines), a control bar, and a brake. To refine simulation, the silhouette of a Japanese Zero airplane is painted on a blue background. At 180 meters, it resembles a true enemy plane which would be at a distance of 400 meters, their travel rate being identical.

The Navy Target Kite (NTK) was born.Over 350,000 of them were made, and Garber spent most of the war on that assignment. It is being manufactured for the armed forces by A. G. Spalding & Bros., makers of athletic equipment. What the Target Kite will do to peacetime kite flying is easily imagined.