Breaks and meals are an opportunity to discuss together, watch equipment, compare the tips of each. The first break was a taste of paradise: Pierre Lesage brought us (via 4x4 Emmanuel Leconte from Lille) Tahitian beer.

In the room we have suspended our rigs. A veritable showroom of simplicity, technology, lightweight ... Everyone commenting proudly latest findings to further improve its equipment.

Other experiences such as flight  simulation or drone can social interaction.

Make way for the pictures!

"show-room" of rigs, there iss place for everyone
Testing of a gyro-stabilized camera
Christian gives us a "homemade" device to block the line
During the break, the Kapers talk about... Kap
observation of a drone
Piloting simulation ... and good laugh
"Rig doctor" in full consultation
same scene viewed by the GoPro Hero, right of the photo the outside terrace, unedited
Furthermore, when the techinque is also beautiful ...
This result, last Kapshop rig

Peter and Riccardo, losts in thought

On the left, Emmanuel Colonnier atthe self. Holland is most famous for its windmills than for its cuisine, especially for French

But thanks to my friends, I had a birthday cake "JDC" (thank you to Jean Daniel for this wonderful jam sandwich surrounded by dish-warmer. I'd remember!
Semi-aerial Picture from the rooftop of the hotel during a break
Hussam Qasem
Group photo at the restaurant "De Merwelanden" for the closing dinner
Patrick Mouchague
We really enjoyed our stay at Dordrecht among Kapers beginners or experienced, artist or ingenious technician, but all with the same passion for the KAP. The moments of pause and relax we have to discuss with all those who have not made a formal presentation but whose experience and knowledge we bring to our practice. Again, a big thank you to all and say hello to our friends in Oman and Bahrain for their geography lesson and for giving us want to spend in their country during our trip around the world.