Kite tells a love story

A 4-meter-tall kite featuring a traditional Chinese love story "Legend of White Snake" flies over West Lake in Hangzhou, east China's Zhejiang Province December 18.

The lake is the place where the love story is supposed to have happened.

A local old man spent 3 months making the huge kite.

The legendary romance goes like this :

The white snake, the heroine of the story, is a succubus who transmutes into a beautiful young lady and comes to live among human beings with her sister the green snake. The white snake meets Xu Xian, the hero of the story, on the West Lake and falls in love with him.

Their love weathers the test of many hardships and obstructs before they get the heaven moved. In the story, they reunite at the same place - the Broken Bridge - several times after they get separated.

The first short tale was found during the Tang Dynasty (618 AD). That's a cautionary, vigilant and tragic story of a man in love with a lady in white. The scenes of West Lake and Thunder Pagoda were added and the central theme was established during the Song Dynasty (960 AD).

The entire story was completed during the Ming Dynasty (1368 AD). It was rewritten to beautify characters in some episodes in Ching Dynasty (1644 AD).

Since the story is so popular. It was moved to Chinese opera, movies, novels, comics, cartoons and PC games.

Chinese Beijing Opera : Li Shengsu (right)plays the leading role of White Snake and Huang Hua the role of Xiaoqing, the White Snake's maid.

2,005-Meter Kite Flying
in the Sky in Xuyi
China Daily June 29, 2005

An 8-member team successfully fly a 2005-meter-long dragon kite in Xuyi county, Jiangsu Province June 28, 2005. The huge dragon is composed of a dragon head and 7,888 squamas.

The team plans to fly a 2,008-meter kite in Beijing during the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008.


Un dragon chinois de 2005 mètres
China Daily 29 juin 2005

Une équipe de huit fans de cerfs-volants a réalisé et réussi à faire voler un dragon long de 2 005 mètres dans le comté de Xuyi, dans la province chinoise de Jiangsu. Le dragon était composé de sa tête et de 7.888 disques.

La même équipe compte faire voler à Pékin un cerf-volant de 2 008 mètres à l'occasion des Jeux olympiques dans la capitale chinoise.


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