KAP Day with Serguey Exceptional panoramic shots of Sergey


We met Sergey and his family in 2019, during our trip to Russia, and more specifically to Vladivostok. He is big-hearted man and an exceptional aerophotographer by kite . Sergey Zaikin's panoramas are incomparable in terms of quality and deserve our full attention.

"Photographing panoramas from a kite is a fascinating hobby that allows you to create unique panoramas at a height of 50 to 300 meters (no flight limit). But the images taken at a low height, about 50 meters, are much more expressive than the "high" images." Sergey


We share a passion, the kite, and a practice: aerial photography by kite.

Sergei invites us to his studio. On the door a small sign warns us: "школа инженерного проектирования" (School of Technical Design). We are entering his field of work. He is making a table for a laser cutting that will use the 3D rhino program - 3D drawing software that can model a wide variety of shapes.

Despite the language barrier, we understand each other. He uses not too expensive materials for the laser cutting of his prototype kites, then realizes them in spinnaker.

Sergei prepares his equipment for a KAP session (aerial photo by kite). He himself made his rig, cradle to receive his camera and uses the Picavet suspension system.


Depending on the wind, Sergey Zaikin uses a Dopero kite, or rather a replica, since it manufactured itself, he has increased the Maxi Dopero by about a quarter. This kite, 4.5m x 3m, flies in an open vertical keel version. Sergey thus realized a more vertical line angle with traction increase.

FYI, the Dopero was designed in 1994 by Ralf Beutnagel.

With Yulia, his wife, we go to Vladivostok Bay, to the Egersheld lighthouse. On our left, Russky Island and to the right the sea and the port of Vladivostok. A beautiful spot for a photo shoot by kite. It is not hot and in addition there is a sustained wind with gusts to 41 km\h. He uses a kite in inflatable structure, parasled type, homemade.

Sergey uses a Sony NEX-5 camera, which has a very good resolution. But he changed the characteristics of his device by assembling components such as the infrared diode, the signal unit, and so on.


Sergey himself wrote the code for his Auto-KAP-Rig system.

Indeed, most SLRs are sold with an infrared remote control that can be emulated by an arduino, programmable open source electronic card.

But he explains that he was inspired by the codes given on the Internet: "On his website, Sebastian Setz describes an arduino code editor for the use of an infrared diode for different cameras, his code was open to the public and, with his permission, I retrieved it in my own code. "

He uses DC motors with an appropriate reduction ratio.

With a Hall effect sensor (allows you to measure a magnetic field variation) and a small magnet, he controls the horizontal starting point of the beginning of a 360 degree rotation, which lasts 1 minute and 10 seconds.

The pulse trigger magnet is mounted on the gear for horizontal rotation.


This system fully meets his wishes. The obvious proof is provided by its aerial panoramas in high resolution, composed of about 60 individual photographs.

Rig : home made, made of composite material.


Line and reel:

We do not know the length of the Dyneema line of 1.2 mm (breaking point at 132 Kg). In Vladivostok, no regulations on flying height of kites. Sergey explains, "We have no limit for one-line kites - one rule: do no harm to others!"
The reel, like everything else, is a homemade realization with exemplary know-how and functionality. Made of composite material, the diameter of the coil is relatively small (which allows it to store on its reel a good length of line). On each side of the spool, a stainless steel guide to prevent the Dyneema line from coming out of the reel.

When the kite reaches the desired height, a simple loop prevents further unwinding. Sergey thought of everything, he also designed a comfortable, ergonomic and adjustable harness. Patrick was able to use it without tiredness, even having a different size.

At the end of his KAP session, he uses a cordless drill, with a modified tip, to bring the line back quickly and effortlessly.


Panorama :

Sergey uses Panotour Pro and Krpano Panorama Viewer software of Kolor-GoPro as well as Adobe Flashplayer for presentation. The Krpano Panorama Viewer is very easy to use and works very well.
Note: GoPro has closed access to Kolor on September 14, 2018, it is still possible to download Autopano and Panotour but it is no longer possible to buy these great software assembly and creation of virtual tours.

In the panorama, you can insert photos interactively and open them with a mouse click. The interactive integration of a map or partial satellite view into the panorama, which simultaneously converts each change of direction and even the angle of aperture of the image according to the zoom factor, is also extremely pleasant.

During our meeting with Sergey, he finished developing a laser cutting table. Since his table is operational and he has just laser cut and assemble a Flowform 16 square meters, based on that of Peter Lynn ... You can see it on: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m3__lofHnhU 

More information about Sergey in https://vk.com/kitevlad  or http://kitevlad.ru/to discover its big ones kites, his tiger, his centipede ....

Source : photos Patrick Mouchague / schemas : Sergey Zaikin / textes : Patricia Mouchague - Sergey Website - magazine Kite & Friends
KAP Day with Serguey Exceptional panoramic shots of Sergey